Whether you've written a manuscript, article, or blog post, we all need editors. If you're an academic, you especially know how important it is to have another set of eyes. If you're an author, you know how hard it is to polish your words before releasing them into the world.


    I can help.


    The reality is, every author needs an editor. Editing is the key to making your manuscript the best it can be. As writers, we're usually too close to our words to give it the thorough eye they need.

    So why hire me?

    I'm a writer, too! I'm currently working on my fifth manuscript, and I've read slush for a great literary agent and have been in a fair number of workshops. I'm also represented by Erica Bauman at Aevitas Creative Management. I can address specific things in your draft: character arc, plot, pacing—whatever is needed to make sure your manuscript is the best it can be.


    For academic manuscripts, I can help, too; I went to the University of Chicago for my bachelor's and DePaul University for my master's. I've taken doctoral-level classes and have edited a variety of articles and manuscripts on geology, mental health, child development, special education, neuroscience, molecular biology, genetics, and more. I've also worked on IACUC, IRB, and NIH grant applications.


    I'm also a member of the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors, Association of Writers and Writing Programs, and Council of Science Editors.

  • I'll edit your first chapter for FREE

    Hiring an editor is a huge investment as a writer. And honestly? I might not be the best editor for you. I will gladly edit your first chapter for free to see if we jive.

    Get a ton of cat pictures

    No, really. If you're a cat person, I am happy to send you dozens of pictures. This is a picture of my cat, Q, who went missing in July 2017. :( But we got a kitten, who is a lot like her and is adorable in her own right!


    A page is usually about ~250 words in 12-pt font, Times New Roman, double spaced. I am happy to work out a rate for your manuscript as a whole if you'd prefer that to an hourly charge. If you are a marginalized creator, please contact me to discuss what I can do to help at a rate that works for you.

    Line/copy editing

    $40/hour (around $4/page)


    $30/hour (around $3/page)

    Developmental editing

    Per project basis

    Science editing


    Sensitivity reading

    Beginning at $250 for up to 90,000 words; please contact me for longer works

    Beta reading

    Beginning at $300 for up to 90,000 words; please contact me for longer works

  • How It Works

    Editing with me is easy! I view editing as a teaching method and a two-way process. It's my job to teach you about what I'm doing and why, and it's your job to teach me about your style and what you need. I want you to come away from the editing experience feeling like a stronger, more confident writer.



    After we agree on your editing needs, a rate, and a timeline, you send me your work in a .docx or .doc format.



    I use track changes to highlight my edits, explaining them in the comments. I also write my overall impressions.



    I send you the edited document and answer any questions. We bounce revision suggestions.



    If we've agreed on it, you revise and resend me the document. I go through again with track changes.

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