It wasn't that long ago that I was bustling around the quad, planning what classes to take next term, pulling all-nighters to finish that project that I really should have started at the beginning of the quarter. I also remember reading dozens of papers that my friends wrote that were due the next day. Don't be like my friends; hire a professional to help.
    Whether you need someone to proofread your final draft or to help you form your argument, I can walk you through the steps. Writing your thesis? Send it my way. A five-paged paper? I can help with that, too. If you're working on a scientific manuscript, I can also edit that—although your PI might not be thrilled at the outsourcing!
    Do you need someone to look over your resume? Cover letter? Internship application? Trust me, I've been there. Let's chat.
    Contact me to discuss rates for what you need done; I know you're on a tight budget.

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