According to Ducker Worldwide and the NCRA, the industry is going to need a lot of good court reporters—and soon. You can use this to your advantage: a proofreader can help you earn more by looking over your transcripts one final time so that you don't have to.


    The estimated shortage in court reporting positions by 2018


    Number of court reporters working in the US in 2014


    Average growth of the profession over the next ten years


    How many court reporters will retire in the next 20 years. The average age of a court reporter is 51.

  • Get your first 15 pages FREE

    I am happy to proofread up to 15 pages free for all new clients. I want you to be happy with my work and for us to move together as partners. If you're not satisfied with it, no worries! That's why I have this risk-free guarantee, rhyming not included. Please note that this is for all jobs that do not include audio.

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    If you love working with me, I hope you'll tell your colleagues! Tell them to mention your name so that I can give you 10% off our next job together.


    Standard Rate (48 hours/2 days)


    Rush Rate (24 hours/next day)


    Express Rate (within 24 hours/same day)


    More than 25 lines/page

    $0.03/page extra

    "Dirty" Transcripts

    $0.10/page extra

    Medical/Technical Expert Testimony

    $0.10/page extra

    Standard Rate, Full Audio


    Rush Rate, Full Audio


    Express Rate, Full Audio


    Spot Check Audio

    Starting at $0.05/page extra


    Please follow these guidelines. They help me help you!

    Send me a finished transcript and preference sheet.

    This may seem silly, but having a copy of a finished transcript and a sheet of your preferences helps me make sure the transcript is exactly how you want it. You can download a copy of the preference sheet and email it to me as an attachment.

    Send me all of your work as a PDF.

    Please convert all files into a PDF. Please do not send me .txt or ASCII files. I return a PDF of corrected pages only that have red markings and yellow highlights. If you do not have a PDF printer, there is a free one at www.CutePDF.com. I will be happy to walk you through the steps to convert the file. (Note that you will be charged for the number of pages of the transcript and not however many pages the PDF turns out to be.)

    Whenever possible, send me the notice sheet.

    I like to compare name spellings, addresses, dates/times, etc. whenever I can. Having a notice sheet helps!

    Do not send me first drafts.

    The job of a proofreader is to be the last set of eyes. Please do not send me materials that have not already been scoped. The more mistakes on the page, the more likely that I'll miss something. I reserve the right to charge extra for un-scoped or "dirty" work, as these transcripts take up much more time; however, I will notify you beforehand about these charges.

    Contact me ASAP for rush jobs.

    I generally have a lot of flexibility and will be able to do the job by the time you need it done. However, just to be safe, please contact me as soon as possible (even if you haven't started transcribing yet!) with the page count and due date of your transcript. A rush job is anything that is needed under 48 hours (please see the rate table for these adjusted rates).

    Send any transcript longer than 100 pages in "chunks."

    We can both work at the same time! While you're transcribing/scoping, I can proofread pages that are already done. If you have a long transcript ahead of you, please send me 50-ish pages at a time (attached in that initial email, if possible) so that neither of us are overwhelmed in our work. This is both for rush and non-rush jobs. I would also appreciate it if you give me a heads up when you have a longer transcript.

    Invoices are due within 15/30 days of receipt.

    For existing clients, I bill once a month on the last Friday of the month. Please pay within 30 days of receipt. For new clients, I bill immediately after the completion of the job and ask that you pay the invoice within 15 days of receipt. Note that I charge a 10% late fee for all invoices not paid on time.

  • WHY ME?

    There are so many great proofreaders out there. Here is one guide to choosing the perfect proofreader for you. So why choose me?

    Here is the truth: once we form a partnership, I will work hard to be as useful to you as I can. I believe strongly that relationships are the way forward in any business. Court reporting is yours, and making words the best they can be is mine.


    But your industry is different—we can correct the punctuation but not the grammar. That's why I completed Proofread Anywhere's Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice course, the only course that trains you to proofread transcripts specifically. Court reporters love PA graduates because we are trained to work with YOU!


    I was taught using Morson's and Margie Wakeman Wells. I use Merriam-Webster and always double-check legal and medical terminology. (Give me an expert testimony concerning heavy biology, though, and I've got you covered!) My experience with proofreading and editing started all the way back in 2009, and I bring my years of experience to help you the best that I can.

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