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Welcome to Caesura Editorial!

I'm so glad you're here!

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Hi! You've reached the blog spot of Caesura Editorial, your one-stop shop for your editorial needs.

Here's a little get-to-know me entry and what you can expect from this blog.

I'm Naseem, a former scientist and the founder and owner of Caesura Editorial. I've recently branched into proofreading for court reporters and have another exciting new venture up my sleeve... if you want to expand your business in new and exciting ways, stay tuned!

Naseem Jamnia, editor and writer, here for you!

So what's this blog about?

At its core, this blog will be about writing and editing. Why? I'm a writer and editor!

This blog is also going to cover a lot of ground in the beginning until we find what you need most. That's right... I want to write topics that are useful to you. That could mean a lot of things, so here are some things we're going to cover to start!

  • Grammar mistakes and how to improve your writing
  • What's the deal with getting into freelance writing?
  • Why the personal essay still sells (and is important!)
  • Knowing your worth as a writer
  • Why you need—yes, need—an editor for your writing (even if you are an editor!)
  • The difference between writing nonfiction and fiction
  • Why daily pages don't work for everyone, and suggestions to make writing a habit

Those are just a few of the topics I'm going to cover over the next several months. What questions would you like me to answer? Is there something you want to know about the business?

How can I help you?

The truth is, we can all be better writers. Every one of us can hone our skills, whether we're starting from scratch or are already experts.

But you're busy. You're trying to balance work, home life, family... maybe you're thinking of striking out on your own as a freelancer, or even opening your own business. Maybe you just want a side hustle that will bring in a little more money to cover the bills or pay off some debt.

But do you really want to focus on creating your website? What about writing blog posts? Oh man, and don't get me started on newsletters!

Guess what? I've been there too.

Let's help each other. Shoot me a message and tell me what I can do to help you hit your writing goals.

To your continued success,

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