Caesura Editorial is your one-stop shop for your writing needs. Whether you're a court reporter, author, professor, blogger, company, or student, I am here to make your words shine.


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    Trained using Morson's and Margie Wakeman Wells

    As a court reporter, you have a tough job that demands years of dedication to your craft. I want to help make that easier by proofreading whatever transcripts you work on.

    General Proofreading

    Never hurts for someone else to look!

    Last minute checks? Ready to go to print, but just want one more pair of eyes? Let me take a look!

    Copy and Line Editing

    Yes, I'm all about the Oxford comma.

    Done with a second or third draft? Need someone to check for word choice, grammar, redundancy, and clarity? I work quickly and respect your authorial voice and style so your work can be clean, tight, and within word limits.

    Science Editing

    "Stand back! I'm about to do science!"

    Science is a tricky field to understand and an even trickier one to write about. With a MS and doctoral work in biology, I can help you make sure your articles are accurate. (That's a picture of a rat's brain, by the way.)


    "My business is words." - Anne Sexton

    I work as a freelance writer and also have experience writing scientific articles. Let's chat about what you need written. I am happy to write blog posts, news and views, white papers, and other documents—because unlike Calvin here, I've always loved writing assignments!


    You'll be working with me throughout, so let's get to know each other!

    Hi! I'm Naseem Jamnia, writer, editor, and proofreader. I started working as an editor in 2009 while I was at the University of Chicago. I never thought it would become my career! In fact, until December 2016, I was working as a neuroscientist, even starting a PhD program at the University of Pennsylvania. Since then, I've moved to Reno to be with my husband (and our dog and two cats) and started Caesura Editorial.








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